|| Satya Kama ||
|| Satya Sankalp ||


The most exalted, the most revered, the Himalaya Yogi His Holiness Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj wrote several treatises during 17 long years of most arduous penance in Himalayan and other caves. The most unique and sacred of them all - that bares the entire secret of the cosmos - is " Swarved ".

This entire treatise was conceived, visualized and expressed in simple yet highly codified words in a metaphysical state of chetan samaadhi and without taking recourse to any holy scripture.

This treatise happens to be the only one of its kind in the whole world that not only reveals the esoteric metaphysical science of consciousness but also gives step by step spiritual practices by performing which under the guidance of Sadguru any practitioner can attain enlightenment and actually experience the presence of the Almighty God, the Universal Soul.

As only first parampara Sadguru, Dharmachandradeo ji Maharaj would know the real message underlying the 3137 codified verses of this sacred treatise,Swarved, he was emphaticaly and repeatedly instructed by Sadguru Sadafaldeo ji Maharaj to write its detailed commentary.But for this commentary a common man / woman would not have been able to grasp the real import of these verses that help in transforming one's life.

Even today, when a yoga practitioner chants the rhymes of Swarved , he experiences deep vibrations inside. Such is the glory of this scripture.

Some of the topics that are covered in detail in Swarved are
  • Mind & Paraná (Breath)
  • Soul
  • The Akshar Brahma (Cosmic Executor)
  • The Sadguru
  • All mystery about God
  • Kala (Time)
  • Sushmana & Kundalini
  • Material and metaphysical Worlds
  • Stages of meditation
  • Divine reverberating words (Niranjan,OM, Soham, Shakti, Rarankar)
  • Birth and Death
  • Salvation & Devotion
  • True Worship
  • The Goal of Human Life
And the list is virtually endless...

Sample Verses from Swarved - The Encyclopedia of Spirituality :

Pratam Bhakti Gurudev ki, Mann vach kaya saadh.
Shahaj Gyaan Vairagya hai, sab gun saadhan raadh.

-Swarved Uttararddha - Canto Six, Chapter One, Verse 1

Explanation - It is essential for aspirants of Brahmavidya first to control their mind, speech, body and go to the teacher of this science, Sadguru's shelter and please him through their services and devotion. Thereafter they should begin Yoga - practice having been initiated into the secret internal process of Brahmavidya. In addition to this they should be really deserving for the same by developing qualities such as knowledge, reclusion, restraint over their sense-organs, tolerance etc. because only deserving aspirants acquire the sublime status of Brahmavidya, and not all and sundry.

Uttkat shraddha guru charan, khule shushmana dwaar.
Yeh pratyakshya pramaan hai, bahu bedhi jan paar.

-Swarved Uttararddha - Canto Six, Chapter One, Verse 2

Explanation - The fine door inside the Sushmana, the last one which was closed till now, opens through sincere and unflinching love in Sadguru's holy feet. Only then the conscious energy of the soul goes beyond Prakriti and passing through the conscious zone of Akshar, reaches that of the Supreme Akshar (The Almighty), and acquires divine bliss and nectar thereof. By meditating on Sadguru's holy feet in that special zone, the aperture inside the Sushmana opens and Kundalini, the serpentine power withdraws its hood from the said door. Through this very secret practice several disciples of Sadguru have reached beyond Prakriti and have acquired divine experience and are also doing so now. So those desiring salvation should try to awaken Kundalini and go beyond the zone of Prakriti in the above-noted manner.